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Nariyath Swalath Malayalam Pdf Download

Nariyath Swalath Malayalam PDF Download - A Guide to the Powerful Prayer

Nariyath Swalath is a collection of prayers and salutations upon the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that are recited by Muslims for various purposes, such as seeking relief from difficulties, attaining blessings, and increasing love for the Prophet. Nariyath Swalath is also known as Salat al-Nariya, Salat al-Tafrijiyya, Salat al-Qurtubiyya, Salat al-Taziya, Salat al-Kamila, Sholawat Nariyah, Selawat Tafrijiyah, and Sholawat Kamilah.


Many Muslims in Kerala and other parts of India prefer to recite Nariyath Swalath in Malayalam, their native language, to understand its meaning and benefit from its virtues. However, finding a reliable and authentic source of Nariyath Swalath in Malayalam PDF can be challenging, as there are many websites that offer low-quality or inaccurate translations of the prayers.

In this article, we will guide you on how to download Nariyath Swalath in Malayalam PDF from a trusted and verified website that provides high-quality and accurate translations of the prayers. We will also explain the benefits and etiquette of reciting Nariyath Swalath regularly.

How to Download Nariyath Swalath in Malayalam PDF from is a website that offers various Islamic books and resources in Malayalam for free download. One of the books that they offer is [Nariyath Swalath PDF Download SWALATH (PDF) DOWNLOAD], which contains the Arabic text, Malayalam translation, and transliteration of several prayers and salutations upon the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), including Nariyath Swalath.

To download Nariyath Swalath in Malayalam PDF from, follow these steps:

  • Go to []

  • Scroll down to find the section titled "സ്വലത്ത് PDF DOWNLOAD SWALATH (PDF) DOWNLOAD"

  • Click on the link that says "DOWNLOAD HERE"

  • A new tab will open with a Google Drive page

  • Click on the download icon on the top right corner of the page

  • A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm your download

  • Click on "Download anyway"

  • The file will start downloading to your device

  • Once the download is complete, you can open the file and read Nariyath Swalath in Malayalam PDF

The Benefits and Etiquette of Reciting Nariyath Swalath

Nariyath Swalath is a powerful and comprehensive prayer that encompasses many blessings and benefits for those who recite it regularly. According to Imam al-Qurtubi, one of the transmitters of Nariyath Swalath, whoever recites this prayer every day 141 times or more, Allah will relieve him of his grief and sorrow, remove his problems and difficulties, ease his affairs, illuminate his inward, elevate his status, improve his state, increase his sustenance, and open many doors of virtue for him.

Some of the benefits and virtues of reciting Nariyath Swalath are:

  • It increases one's love for Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him)

  • It protects one from evil eye, envy, and calamities

  • It brings peace, happiness, and prosperity to one's life

  • It expiates one's sins and raises one's rank in the hereafter

  • It fulfills one's needs and wishes by Allah's permission

The etiquette of reciting Nariyath Swalath are:

  • To recite it with sincerity and faith

  • To recite it with respect and reverence

  • To recite it with cleanliness and purity

  • To recite it with concentration and devotion

  • To recite it with gratitude and praise

By following these etiquette, one can maximize the benefits and rewards of reciting Nariyath Swalath.


Nariyath Swalath is a special prayer that can bring many blessings and benefits to your life. By downloading Nariyath Swalath Malayalam PDF from, you can easily recite it whenever you want and wherever you are. We hope that this article has helped you to learn more about Nariyath Swalath and how to download it in Malayalam PDF. May Allah accept your prayers and grant you His mercy and grace.


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