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Premium Bowling Update V1.9.3

Premium Bowling Update v1.9.3: What's New and How to Download

Premium Bowling is a realistic and easy to play ten pin bowling game with multiplayer, virtual reality and mouse play support. The game was released on October 18, 2019 by Sadetta, a Finnish game development company. Since then, the game has received several updates and improvements, the latest of which is version 1.9.3.


What's New in Version 1.9.3?

According to the developer's announcement, version 1.9.3 contains fixes for several bugs that were reported by the players. Some of the bug fixes are:

  • Player from other lane appeared crouching in front of the foul line

  • Counted double woods as splits

  • Controls did not activate after coming back from desktop (Mouse)

  • Failing to throw first throw returned ball to tray

  • Avatars turned head too much

The update also includes a couple of other improvements and fixes that are not specified by the developer.

What's Next for Premium Bowling?

The developer also teased that the next version of the game will be 1.10, which will come with some exciting new features, such as:

  • Commentator

  • New balls

  • New oil patterns

The developer did not give a specific release date for version 1.10, but said that it will be released if no new serious bugs pop up in version 1.9.3.

How to Download Version 1.9.3?

If you already own Premium Bowling on Steam, you can download the latest update automatically by launching the game or checking for updates in your Steam library. If you don't have the game yet, you can buy it from [Steam] for $19.99 USD or your regional equivalent.

Premium Bowling is compatible with Windows 7 or newer operating systems, and requires a 64-bit processor and memory. The game also supports VR devices such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality.


Premium Bowling is a fun and realistic bowling game that lets you enjoy the sport at your own home. The game is constantly updated and improved by the developer, who listens to the feedback and suggestions of the players. The latest update, version 1.9.3, fixes some annoying bugs and paves the way for more exciting features in the future.

If you are a fan of bowling or want to try a new VR game, you should definitely check out Premium Bowling on Steam.


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